Monday, June 22, 2009

Renaissance Antique Cake

I love the classic Renaissance looking colors to this cake. It looks like a tasty antique!

Swirly Elegance

wedding cake
This is fun and classy at the same time. Very modern, but still cute.

Words of Love

wedding cake
I love the idea of having words of love written on our cake! What a novel idea...punn intended.

French Cake


Ok, I have started in on the cakes. I love the way this cake look fit for old French royalty. Plus, it just looks tasty!

An Elegant Villa Reception


I love the idea of having our reception in a villa. It's so classically elegant, like Sophia Loren might show up at any moment. I also really like the relaxed, ultra feminine, early 19th century fit to her wedding dress. It's all very Old English countryside meets Italian class. And I love all the little white lights too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

French Renaissance Candles

I just love these candles and the bases too. Having these sit on the reception table as your enter the venue would please me in general. They're so...French Renaissance!

A Spring Treat

wedding decor

This spring wedding was great. My favorite part of the pictures though? The pass around ice cream treats! What a novel idea! And of course, if you've been reading my blog so far, you know how I feel about outdoor venues and the wild flowers. That one picture up there on the left looks like a wedding in The Secret Garden. Loves it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finger Cakes & Golden Pumpkins

I love the autumn theme here. I'm a huge Fall fan and loved the use of pumpkins here. Also, the vintage mirror, candlelight and the color that is created by it are spectacular. I also like the idea of having sweet little cakes as finger foods. I wouldn't want anything that might end up smelling, like crab cakes or shrimp or caviar. Those are all bad breath inducers that are a no-no at my wedding scene. The way they produced the shadows with the soft white, almost gold toned lighting is amazing, and such a creative way to fancy-up the decor.

The Navy Comes To Maine

wedding decor
This, to me, has a Navy feel to it. If we ended up doing a Navy themed wedding, this would be a good reception hall to do it in. This looks like it'd be right on the shores of Maine or something. Very elegant and classic looking with almost Ralph Lauren-esque quality. This is something I think both men and women could appreciate and find appealing. And of course, I always cherish the vines. Plus, the window panes above give a sort of eerie stormy look to the sky, which I love. I think I might be the only woman on the planet that would actually be content with it raining on her wedding day.

Winter Rustic Centerpieces

wedding decor
If I were doing a winter wedding, and with the Navy, who know's what season my wedding will end up taking place in, I would definitely do something rustic like this. I like how the hills and reeds in the background give it a sort of epic setting. Also, the way the centerpiece candles will cast a soft glow on that creamy white table cloth and mix with the other browns around it, will be spectacular at sunset. Very romantic.

Simple, Trendy Tablecloths

wedding decorwedding decor
I love these outdoor tables and reception area's because it showcases the whole 'natural' theme. The huge overgrown vines and various flower buds and bouquets are gorgeous. I also love how simple the table cloths are and how they bring out the flowers. I would probably go with bolder colors though. But, they are simple enough that you could probably do them yourself for a minimal price, while still looking elegant and classy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Candle Lit Lanterns


This perfectly embodies the theme I would like to have at my wedding. It showcases old colonial traditions with a mystical tone that almost eludes to the Salem witch hunts. Of course, the candle light amidst the green moss, contrasted with the black panes creates a beautiful color scheme. It brings all the colors of fall and tradition together in a bold medley. And the ribbon suggests a soft, romantic tone that makes this little decor a sweet addition to an old fashioned wedding.

Rustic Wagon & Greenery

Again, I love the natural wood in this reception area. The wildflowers are beautiful, but the leaves seem a bit overgrown and unkempt to me. I love the old wagon wheels and the twinkle lights along the wood columns, and the little candles too. It looks like the jars on the side table there may have various beverages or something. I love the idea of having jars with old fashioned ladles instead of cans or bottles for drinks. It's more natural.

Hanging Bouquet's

wedding decor,wedding flowers
Of course, I'd be thinking bolder colors, but I love the idea of a natural theme of decor. Plus, these could easily be made yourself, using styrofoam balls, ribbons and wire hangers. Having a wedding with decor made from natural materials makes it feel more real and Earthy, and less fake or staged. Everything flows better if it's from nature.