Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cupcake Cake

I love the idea of having cupcakes on my cake, lol.
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Cupcakes!!! I'll definitely be having these at my wedding :-) I wouldn't be 'me' if I didn't...
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Roses Are Red

Love these shoes :-)
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The Soft Night Air

Love the atmosphere here with the soft lighting and the nature value.
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To The Letter

The monogrammed letters on the table is a great decorating idea that I am probably going to add to my long list of idea's for my own wedding, but if I could get them in wrought iron, or maybe wood, that would match my theme better.
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Nature & Opposites

I really like the idea of the black and white with the yellow flowers. And of course the sunshine and nature is the tree's and the shade it brings.
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Simple Goodness

I love the simplicity of this table setting. I love the umbrella, and the dark wood with the lighter table cloth. Not too fond of the centerpiece though...
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I love the sunflowers and wildflowers around the archway. I don't know if I would use that exact flower, maybe just wildflowers all around and jasmine. That way whenever I'm getting married, I'll be smelling Jasmine the whole time and for the rest of my life, whenever I smell Jasmine, I'll be reminded of our wedding and our everlasting and ever present love :-)
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Twisted Twine

Three words...Twisted twine...and...wildflowers. All me. I also love the dark wooden chairs.
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Sparkling Love

I love the sparklers! What a great alternative to throwing rice or blowing bubbles. Paperdolls Photography might be something worth looking in to as well.
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Houston Could Be Good

Houston might not be as devoid of beauty as I thought. I'll have to show this picture to the photographer. I like the idea of having our wedding party stand behind us, and I like the idea of the guys not matching in an exact sort of way, even if I may want the girls to match that way.
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Fruitful Ideas

Love the idea of using fruit in my wedding. I am all about fruit!
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Right Up My Aisle

I really like the idea of sprinkling flowers down the aisle of the venue. Especially different flowers other than the usual rose petals. These even look like they might be wildflowers, which would be 'right up my aisle'.
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Ball of Elegance

I really like the flower ball type decorations, especially around the chairs. I've seen them hanging, but as a decoration on the chairs, it's priceless.
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Highlight on Hair

Really liking that hair do, but probably only if I had highlights in my hair. I like the multi-facetted look the highlights give it, but it probably wouldn't be as elaborate looking if you didn't have the highlights. I am also always a fan of the birdcage veil.
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Marshmallow Elegance

Love the photography of this shot and also love the idea of ribbons around cute little sprinkle clad marshmallows.
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Baby Got Back

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I absolutely love everything about this picture. The way the dress ties in the back...the big rose piece in her hair...and of course, the tall glass of Navy water she's marrying :-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Champagne Rose

Love the romance of this gown...just in case.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DIY Bride Quote Idea


Quote from the bride: “I didn’t want my bridesmaids to spend hundreds of dollars on their attire; neither did I care for a bulky taffeta number. The dresses were from Urban Outfitters. Going with the eclectic feel, and the fact that I had nine bridesmaids, we broke up the monotony with three different dresses. We went with tights for warmth and flair (Macy’s) and super comfortable heels from DSW. I made a Forever21 run a week before, got jewelry and hair pins I thought would go well with the dresses, and put out a box the morning-of for them to choose from if them wanted.”


"I took the couple to a wholesale flower shop to buy their flowers. It is incredible how far eight dozen roses and 80 hydrangeas can go when you’re going for a backyard look. The day before the wedding, because the arrangements would have been a little thin, the bride and her best friend ran around the semi-rural neighborhood where the wedding was, cutting wildflowers and naturally-growing plants from the side of the road as fillers. No one knew the amazing arrangements had no florist help and were comprised of half-weeds! One of Sharon’s bridesmaids made her bouquet. She stuck all the flowers together, affixed them with burlap and tied her mom’s wedding ring to the base with twine (it was one of the brides favorite little touches in the wedding)."


"In lou of escort cards- The brides mom’s friend cut little tags from wood strips they bought at Michael’s and painted them with chalkboard paint. They wrote everyone’s names on the tags and then tied them on mason jars with twine, one for each guest that would serve as their drinking glass for the evening. They chose a more humble food route by having Souplantation cater just soup. The Brides mom’s dear friends spent New Years Day watching football and making cornbread to go with the soup. It was very affordable and all of the guests loved having comfort food. They cut prices again by ordering bulk biodegradable bowls, napkins, cutlery, and coffee cups online. Knowing that alcohol would be one of the major expenses of their day, they chose to stick to just wine. They bought enough Charles Shaw for everyone from Trader Joe’s – $2 a bottle."

The bride and groom asked select friends and family to make desserts that were signature or special to them. People loved being a part of our wedding this way! They labeled each dessert individually. The bride downloaded a font online for all the little signs and printed them on cardstock left over from their handmade invitations. The cake was made by a friend of the bride, simple and elegant, perfect for their special day.

Bird Cage

As a classic girl, I love this bird cage veil to death!

Picket Fence

I love this picture in front of the white picket fence. It embodies the American Dream and what better way to start a life together, than with nature surrounding you and where dreams abound?

Beautiful x 2

I absolutely love the bodice designs on these two gowns. The one on the right may be 'the one'.

Lovely Hair Styles


I love these updo's and even the one in the middle with her hair down. My favorite is Eva Longoria's hair but all of these seem to utilize curls as the main theme, which would be my goal as well.


I'm feeling the autumn colors in this nosegate bouquet. I like the natural feel of it.

Romance & Candlelight

Nothing says romance like candlelight, which is beautifully exemplified in this table centerpiece.